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"My, oh my. If this is what it feels like to drink high caste albariño then it may be hard or next to impossible to return back to the entry level kind. Take the salty, spirited, yellow citrus of varietal “ordinario” and extrapolate, or multiply tenfold. Beautifully flinty, teasing the exotic and the tropical but staying in the now, exulting Mediterranean fruit flavours to a magnificent and magnified degree. And yet there is so much control, in tune phrasing, drive moving constantly forward, upwards and with prudence. Dear Monte Pio, thank you for this special level of Galicia. “The sun is up, the sky is blue. “It’s beautiful and so are you.” Michael Godel


Grapes: Albariño


Region: D.O. Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain


Viticulture and Winemaking: The clusters used to make the Ledes wine come from their own vineyards with sandy, mineral soils and vines aged over 50 years old that are manually harvested in 15 kg boxes. When the grapes reach the winery, they go through a second selection process followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperatures. The resulting wine ages with its fine lees for 12 months.


Bodegas Casa Monte Pio

Casa Monte Pío is a family winery in the municipality of Ribadumia within the Val Do Salnés sub-region. Generation after generation have passed down their values and taken care of their vineyards with the aim of producing wines that capture the identity of their past and their land, which is where the Albariño grape expresses itself best.



12 x 750ml

2019 Casa Monte Pio Rias Baixas Albarino LEDES

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