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Galician Hipster Wines, this is how the Vía Barrosa family of varietals is presented. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the most representative grape varieties of Galician culture.


The brand takes its name from one of the Roman roads that connected Galicia with Rome, the capital of the Empire. For this reason animals linked to the environment and very present in popular culture are represented. A rabbit with clothes from the beginning of the 20th century challenges us to discover the Treixadura del Ribeiro, with an overwhelming personality and with its own characteristics that play with both the palate and the eyes.


This is how Vía Barrosa wines are, preserving tradition and with a fun nuance that is close to the land where they are born.


Grape: Treixadura


Region: Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain

Viticulture and Winemaking: Traditional fermentation in stainless steelvats at 18o C, aged on lees 2 months.



12 x 750ml

2022 Vina Costeira Via Barossa Treixadura (12 x 750ml)

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