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Montrodo Blanc is named for the  ancient, dormant volcano on the Eccocivi property. Surrounded by forest and vineyards, the soil has large amounts of balsatic rock that is rich in silicates and iron, providing the character and singularity of the Eccocivi wines. Each vintage is a footprint of the estate during the season and utilizes a unique blend of grape varietals each year to make the best wine possible.


Understand the beauty of the Montrodo Blanc through the following vintages: 

  • 3 bottles of Montrodo Blanc 2020
  • 3 bottles of Montrodo Blanc 2021



Deep in 30,000 hectares of woods and at the foot of a volcano sits Eccocivi. Situated in les Gavarres, Spain, the region has long history of winemaking that has recently been rekindled by Eccocivi. Founded by the iconic jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, the goal of Eccocivi is to make wine in a respectful and sustainable way with the maximum care for the environment and its people. A youthful winery with its first vines planted, Eccocivi is where gentle care for the land meets the tools and knowledge of today.


2020 Montrodo Blanc

Fresh aromas of peach and Mediterranean herbs with some slow development towards petrol aromas. A wide presence on the palate and quite voluminous compared to 2019, with a herbaceous finish.

Harvested between September fifth and fourteenth. It was a difficult season in terms of viticulture because a wet spring. By the time of harvest there was a good balance between sugar concentration and acidity in the grapes.

A blend of Chardonnay, White Garnacha, Viognier and Xarel-lo


2021 Montrodo Blanc

Intense aromas of green and citrus fruits and chamomile. Medium body and acidity with a creamy palate and a medium-long finish.

Harvested between September first and eighth. This was the driest season between 2019 and 2021, which showcases a higher concentration of flavours and a firmer structure.

A blend of Chardonnay, White Garnacha and Viognier

Montrodo Mix

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