Agricola Molino Vini


Virginio Molino founded Agricola Molino as an agricultural pursuit in 1950. In 1971, the first release of their renowned Barbaresco was born, which has since been compared to the greatest Barolos of the region. The project soon became a family passion.


The family truly believes that the sunsets of the hill Ausario have the colours of passion, water, wind and sun. The vineyards take strength from these elements that contribute to Molino wine.



At Carmignano the vines have been cultivated already pre-Roman era as the Wine jars and tasting cups found in Etruscan tombs demonstrate. In the archives of state of Florence was found a parchment dated 804: it is a lease that as early as 1200 years ago in Capezzana vines  were cultivated for the production of wine.

In the early Renaissance, Monna Nera Bonaccorsi built the first 'Nobleman's house' and nine farm houses with the wine-making buildings; It was 1475. Other generations and families followed on the estate property…

Davide Vignato 

Love for a place comes before everything else. We’re talking about a hundred years ago. My grandfather’s name was Rinaldo, he was the real pioneer of all this passion for wine. Everything started in a small plot of land, in a place called Brovia, up on the hills of Gambellara, in a time in which the roads were still white and dusty. Then my father Gian Domenico began its path and he was the one who decided to start the vinification of our own grapes. His wine was the wine of the past, produced in order to support the efforts of the work in the countryside: natural and authentic.

Luigi Baudana

The Baudana estate is a mere 4 hectares in size, but all the vineyards are held in the highest hierarchy of Barolo vineyards, being listed both in the Lorenzo Fantini “Monografia sulla Viticultura ed Enologia in Provincia di Cuneo” (1879) and in Renato Ratti’s “Carta del Barolo” from the early 1970s.


Ceretta may well be the better-known cru, but Baudana on the other hand, is one of the best-kept secrets among Barolo aficionados. Iconic winemaker Franco Fiorina used to select fruit of Baudana for his highly-acclaimed Barolos, until the late 1980s.

Luigi Maffini

The first family vineyard was planted in the early 1970’s and the wine was produced to share solely with friends and family. Today, the Luigi Maffini team works tirelessly to showcase the brilliance of their two vineyards, grown in compliance with the principles of organic agriculture.


Luigi Maffini and Federico II. Raffaella Gallo are the proud parents of Lia and Pietro, three vineyard dogs, more than 50,000 vine plants and welcomed wild animals, who all live in harmony at Luigi Maffini Winery.

Sorelle Bronca


At Sorelle Bronca, the primary value is Quality. This passion for quality has led the team to look for organic solutions and increase their commitment to protecting their land.


The vineyard is not only completely sustainable, but the belief that the land is “alive” and self-sustaining drives the organic practices at Sorelle Bronca. To produce the wine, the team only uses natural, spontaneous, indigenous yeasts and strict hand-harvesting. As a result, the wines are harmonious, elegant and pleasant on the palate.

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