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Topic: The Nature of Oak


The Tokaj region and the site of our Kádár wood mill has a thousand-year written history of cooperage, one of the oldest in Europe. In our webinar, we will delve into each of the three main processes of producing barrels and understand how this centuries old heritage marries with advanced production and biological science to create the most balanced and natural vessels for vinifying wine. We look forward to [virtually] seeing you and welcome your questions and discussion following the presentation. Arpad and Peter Molnar, partners in Kádár Hungary and Obsidian Wine Co., delve into two decades of research on oak species, forest climate, sustainable forestry, stave seasoning and toasting and how these natural processes determine a wines character and development during élevage.


Time: October 15th, 4:30 Eastern Time

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Topic: The Elevation of Wine


With less than 5% of the world’s vineyards planted over 1,000’, very little formal research has been conducted on wines of elevation. Two international Elevation of Wine Symposia brought together vintners from the Western US, Argentina and Europe to share in vineyard experience and formal research of the effect of elevation. Arpad and Peter Molnar, partners in Kádár Hungary and Obsidian Wine Co., founders of the Elevation of Wine, share a synopsis of the symposia. They will explain how the modification of light and climate at altitude drive winegrape development and maturation and the profound effect of elevation on the character of the resulting wines.


Time: October 22nd, 4:30 Eastern Time

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