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Martinet Bru is mainly sourced from a single vineyard, known as Mas Seró. This vineyard is located within the “Vi de Vila” (village wines) zone of Masos de Falset. It adjoins the D.O. Montsant (wine appellation) and has a similar climate to Montsant, although the differentiating factor is the soil, which is Llicorella (slate-based). The soil is stony but the vineyard is cool in terms of climate. It faces the cooling sea breeze (known as the “Garbinada”) and the quality of the soil means this wine is more drinkable and easier to understand than most Priorat wines, affording it hint of liquorice, blackberries... rosemary... and tannins.


Vintage 2021 Characteristics 

"In 2021 it did not rain much, but we come from the 2020 vintage, with a lot of water, and from a Filomena, with a lot of snow. Therefore, we do not have a water deficit. And it's not an especially warm year either. There is a strange ripening... a long, slow veraison... and it rains in September, 220 liters. And it looked like spring. And the plants began to put out leaves again. And the ripening of the grape did not arrive because the plants concentrated sugars in the new leaves. The grape was ripening at other levels: aromatically, tannins... Martinet Bru is harvested after the rain and ends up ripening in colour and grade as well. 


It is a fragrant Martinet Bru, without a great tannin structure, with colour, ripening and fruit... Surely, it is not such a representative wine of the vintage except for its acidity, very representative, persistent, tenacious."


Appellation: DOQ Priorat

Varieties: Syrah (32%), Carignan (32%), Grenache (21%), Merlot (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (5%)


6 x 1.5L 


$110/Bottle + .20 Bottle Deposit

2021 Mas Martinet Bru Magnum

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