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Husband and wife team Sara Pérez and René Barbier are the children of two of the great pioneers of the Priorat D.O., Josep Lluis Pérez of Mas Martinet and René Barbier of Clos Mogador.


Sara and René are both very well respected vignerons in their own right, so it seemed natural that they should start a project together. For this project, they decided to stake their claim not in Priorat, but in the slightly sleepier D.O. of Monsant.


René and Sara have taken the goddess as their inspiration for this project. One of their stated goals is “to interpret femininity through a bottle of wine”. This might seem an odd choice for a bodega that elaborates Grenache- and Carignan-based wines in Southern Cataluña, but it makes sense once you taste. These are incredibly elegant, refined, sensual expressions of Montsant, with restrained alcohol levels and tremendous texture.


The grapes for the wines come from an approximate total of four hectares of vineyards which are owned by four different grape-growing families in Falset as well as another small plot owned by Venus. One could call Venus a négociant project, but it is more accurate to say that it is a partnership between these four families and René and Sara. Venus is these small growers’ only client, so their vineyards are farmed in accordance with the rigorous ecological standards set by the couple. The grapes for Dido come from the Falset area, from vineyards with soils based on decomposed granite called sauló. These soils are poor in organic matter and they contribute to producing grapes with great ripeness and fruit flavors. The grapes for Venus come from clay-calcareous soils between Marçà and Guiamets. These soils encourage a slow, elegant and complex ripeness.


  • 4 bottles of Dido Red 2021
  • 4 bottles of Dido Rosat 2021
  • 4 bottles of Dido Blanc 2021


Dido Red 2021

A tribute to youth, tenacity, love, and Garnatxa. The wine, from the plots of Falset, exhibits delicious fruit and grows in concrete tanks to hold extraordinary freshness and purity. Garnatxa 70%, Sirà 20%, and Carinyena /Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 10%.


Dido Rosat 2021

A wine made with different types of Garnatxa (Grey, Red and White) to add
volume and density but also with Macabeu and Carinyena to provide acidity. A pale rosé aged in their fermenting barrels for 7-8 months. The tendency of the great rosés of the world. Well-structured with great ageing potential.


Dido Blanc 2021

True to the of recuperation of their history and tradition, this white Mediterranean is made from local varieties: Garnatxa Blanca, Macabeu and Cartoixà. Voluptuous, elegant, and upright. Expressive aromas of autumn, ripe fruit, nuts, seeds, with a lovely creamy texture and long finish.


12 x 750ml

Dido: Red, Blanc and Rosat

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