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A region located in the wild hills above Tarragona, not far from the northeast coast of Spain, the Priorat has become, over the last two or three decades, one of the most prestigious Spanish vineyards.


  • 1 bottle of Mas Martinet, Martinet Bru 2021
  • 1 bottle of Venus Red 2019
  • 1 bottle of Partida Bellvisos Blanc 2018
  • 1 bottle of Partida Bellvisos Red 2016
  • 1 bottle of Partida Pedrer Rosso 2020
  • 1 bottle of Partida Rosat 2018


Mas Martinet, Martinet Bru 2021

Martinet Bru is mainly sourced from a single vineyard, known as Mas Seró within the Appellation: D.O.Q. Priorat. It faces the cooling sea breeze (known as the “Garbinada”) and the quality of the soil means this wine is more drinkable and easier to understand than most Priorat wines, affording a hint of liquorice, blackberries, and rosemary.


Venus Red 2019

Venus is the yearly result of Sara and Rene's search for beauty. An attempt to understand the femininity and the land through a bottle of wine: Carinyena and Garnatxa.  A juicy wine, wonderfully paired with food, especially the Mediterranean traditional cuisine.


Partida Bellvisos Blanc 2018

From a small project in D.O.Q. Priorat that began in 2002, Partida Bellvisos Blanc is a wine for ageing. Grenache and Macabeu, fermented together. It is deep and complex in the style of the great red wines of Priorat. Macerated with skins and aged for a long time, it transports you with notes of fennel and anise, with deep structure and body.


Partida Bellvisos Red 2016

From a small project in D.O.Q. Priorat that began in 2002, Partida Bellvisos Red is from a North facing parcel, receiving morning sunlight yet protected from west-summer wind and the most extreme heat during the ripe season.  This wine is released after 5 years of ageing to show its complexity. From four hectares of old vineyards including Carinyena and Garnatxa Peluda.


Partida Pedrer Rosso 2020

This is a red Grenache wine from the new planting plot in Bellvisos, facing north.
This is a natural wine, with no additives at all. Pure. Partida del Pedrer collects the
cool of the shady side and the wamth of the morning sun. This wine is a generous


Partida Rosat 2018

In Partida Pedrer there is Grenache and Monastrell, an unauthorized variety and unique in Priorat. In this case, an interesting variety to lower the degree of grenache and give a balanced and complex pink. For the first time, the grapes of the less productive slope are destined for this wine and therefore, gives more concentration and elaboration of rosé.


6 x 750ml

The Pillars of Priorat

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